Simplifying Local Marketing in Iowa City.

Simplifying Local Marketing in Iowa City.


From Big Ten sports to bioprocessing, Iowa City has a lot to offer.

Thanks to the University of Iowa, Iowa City is the quintessential college town. Iowa City also has an enviable geographic position that gives it access to major Midwestern cities in all directions. Food, biotech, engineering, medicine, and education all thrive here; and the local vibe is hip, fun, and energetic.


Our marketing solutions make the grade.

To market to a town this smart, you need the right creative and technology tools. We offer everything from branded content (Iowa City is known for its writers, right?) to an award-winning SEM solution. We use data insights to design your strategy, and the USA TODAY NETWORK to give you reach.


The Iowa City Press-Citizen is the hometown digital and print paper for Iowa City and most of Johnson County. Our readers have depended on us to keep them on breaking news, community events, local politics, and, of course, Hawkeyes scores, since 1920. We're a proud part of the USA TODAY NETWORK.

Meet Your Iowa City Audience

Market Population (18+) 148,913
Median Age 33
Average HH Income $85,813
Bachelor's Degree or Higher
Home Owner

Our team thinks creatively, acts strategically, and knows its way around Iowa.

As your trusted digital marketing agency in Iowa City, we have the consumer insights, the smart tech, and the creative chops to fast-track your business. Ready to get started?


Only 29% of people want to talk to a salesperson to learn more about a product, while 62% will consult a search engine.

Hubspot 2016

Run up the score...

...with smart marketing solutions.


Meet the LOCALiQ Grader.

Does your online marketing win first place...or does it go home with a participation trophy? The LOCALiQ Grader takes a look at your digital footprint and compares it to the competition. From there, we'll do some analysis and suggest a few strategies.


A display ad with a side of fries.

90% of Iowa City market residents have visited a fast food restaurant in the last 30 days. Did you know you can set up a geofence around the closest burger joint and send display ads to patrons' mobile devices? People often choose fast food because it's convenient and they have business nearby. Who's to say that business can't be with you?


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